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NAMI CM is an active affiliate of NAMI Mass, a grassroots, non-profit mental health organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for both individuals with mental illnesses and for their families through a variety of educational, training, group leadership, advocacy, and additional programs, opportunities, and events.  We are committed to programs that are both peer/consumer-driven and family-driven, overseen by experts, to the key concepts of recovery, resiliency, and encouragement that are essential to the highest level of wellness and dignity for all persons, and to remaining the loudest voice possible for affecting much-needed change in how our society deals with what remains the taboo subject of mental health.

ClintonWe advocate for better choices in employment, housing, education, medical treatment, access to medications, rehabilitation, and hospitalization services. NAMI CM ~ from our Board of Directors and staff to our membership, guest speakers, and donors are dedicated to raising awareness in both the private and public mental health care sectors of the needs of individuals with mental illness, regardless of their age, ethnicity, background, financial circumstances or diagnosis; we are extremely proactive in lobbying for adequate budgets for the Department of Mental Health and in promoting our legislative priorities to policymakers; the US House of Representatives made vital history by passing H.R.2646, the “Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act,” sponsored by Reps. Tim Murphy (R-Pa.) and Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX) on a voice vote, without objection (You can read NAMI CEO Mary Giliberti’s reaction here), but there is still a long way to go.


Some form of mental illness has touched all our lives in some way, whether personally or professionally or both, and because of that common thread that binds us, we are not simply a faceless organization, but rather part of a community standing side by side with you ~ caregiver, friend, individual living with a diagnosed mental illness or
awaiting a diagnosis, partner, family member ~ to continue fighting the therapist betterstigma associated with mental illness, supporting each other, debunking the misinformation perpetuated by the media, and providing valuable resources, including everything from support hotlines to locations that offer emergency services ~ for anyone who needs to reach out for assistance ~ which we cannot stress enough is in and of itself an act of tremendous bravery.

Accepting help is brave

There remains amongst medical professionals and the public an immense lack of knowledge about ~ and even more tragically, rampant apathy and disdain for, the many facets of mental illness, but we refuse to give up on doing everything within our power ~ with your help ~ to right that wrong.

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rethinkWe advocate. 

We support.

We listen.

We share.

We educate.

We understand.