Our organization would like to put out some NAMI Central MA informational brochures for our clients.  Is there an official request form we need to fill out?

As part of NAMI’s mission to educate the public about mental illnesses, NAMI Central MA offers a number of brochures and fact sheets on a variety of topics, including particular mental disorders, treatment approaches and commonly-prescribed medications. We are more than happy to provide you with copies to make readily available to those who can benefit from the information; it is this kind of collaboration that is of value to everyone whose lives are affected by mental health issues and we thank you for reaching out to become part of it.

All we ask is that any information contained in any NAMI collateral remain intact and not be used for profit.

Our new brochures will be ready soon, but please contact us at your earliest convenience so that we can discuss the number of brochures, your organization name and location, and any questions you may have.  Feel free to either call us at (508) 368-3562 or visit our Contact Us page and select Board of Directors from the dropdown list.

Thank you for your inquiry and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

I would like to submit a personal story to be considered for publication on the NAMI Central MA website.  Do you accept submissions and is it possible for me to remain anonymous if you do decide to publish what I’ve written?

We not only accept submissions, we welcome them!  What not all authors may realize is that while writing their own stories may be personally cathartic, reading about the experiences of others who are also part of the mental health community in some way can provide an invaluable source of support/eliminate the demoralizing sense of being the only one dealing with the issues that arise surrounding mental illness.

All submissions are considered for publication by our editorial team, who reserve the right to:

  • Make grammatical and spelling corrections
  • Check for the accuracy of any citations/statistics/etc. used
  • Dismiss any submission in which unnecessary (i.e. not direct quotations essential to the integrity of the story) profanity is present.  Profane words that are necessary to the story will be asterisked.
  • Remove the names of any persons/organizations/companies referred to in a negative manner
  • Request the name of any photographer whose work you submit along with the editorial content or, if you decide not to include any, add those of our own choosing
  • Contact you to clarify any portions of your submissions that are not clear

By selecting Editor on our Contact Us page, your name and email will be sent/accessible only to the Editor and you will be able to include a note that you wish to remain anonymous (Content Submissions emails are accessible to additional staff members and should be used for individuals who wish to suggest an existing article for inclusion on our site).  Our Editor will contact you to answer any questions and to quickly review how and in what format to send your work.

Despite what might seem like a long list of “rules,” we truly do encourage you to contribute to the content of the NAMI CM site and appreciate the courage it takes to do so.  Not only do original pieces add invaluable variety to the site, but also those of you who are ready to open up to others offer encouragement and a healing element that brings the mental health community even closer and strengthens the power of our combined voice.