Navigating the mental healthcare system can be complicated—we help individuals and families affected by mental health issues find their way. Find out more…

KIVA Center is a Central Mass Recovery Learning Community focusing on promoting wellness and resilience through mutual support believing in every person’s right to mental health and their ability to achieve it.  It is believed that relationships are at the center of what heals people who have experienced mental/emotional health challenges. The KIVA Center is located in Worcester, MA. Checkout the KIVA Wellness Center monthly events calendar.

Families for Depression Awareness helps families recognize and cope with depression and bipolar disorder to get people well and prevent suicides. Care Consultations are available to Massachusetts families with adults or teens that may have clinical depression or bipolar disorder. 

Substance Abuse/Addiction Prevention Web-based Resources:

rapp comment aims to connect Worcester, MA residents with substance abuse services available in the city.  The site also includes testimonials from Worcester, MA residents in recovery, providers, and loved ones and up-to-date news, facts, and statistics about substance use in Worcester.  The site aims to serve as a clearinghouse for resources for those suffering from and loved ones affected by substance use and addiction.

Shrewsbury Coalition for Addiction Prevention and Education is a group dedicated to providing information and resources to Shrewsbury families regarding the prevention and treatment of substance use and abuse in Shrewsbury, MA.